Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's In A Name?

Well Dancing Through Life Readers,

as you all well know, Jonathan and I have just under 2 weeks until we are going to be sealed as man and wife; for Time And All Eternity!!!! Yes, I said under 2 weeks. Threaten Days to be exact!!! Wow I can't even believe I just said that!

I am so looking forward to starting our new life together as ONE! I think that as a girl, getting married brings an extra perk because I get to start off this portion of my life as someone new! Having the chance to change my last name, is something I have looked forward to my whole life. It's almost like I have the ability to start my life all over with a clean slate. I hate Emotional baggage!

Just think, soon I will move to a new town with my Hubby; where not many people will know me as anyone other than Mrs. or Sister Robbins :-D Jonathan and I both have the opportunity to leave our past behind and start afresh as a married couple! How cool is that!?? I can't wait!!!!!

On May 11th, We will be moving our belongings into our newly renovated apartment. SO FUN. Today is our last day in the Mar Vista Singles Ward. Next week is MOTHERS day and we want to be with our Moms. The week after, we will be on our Honeymoon! By the way, Thanks to everyone for all the great advice! :) We will definitely try to implement it.

This is someone who is way more than ready to leave her "old life" behind. BAH BYE SINGLE LIFE!


Kirstie said...

it will be here before you know it!! i still love my new last name, but sometimes say the wrong one still!! what city are you moving to and where you you two going on your honeymoon?!?!!

Kai and Amy said...

Grandma said you guys celebrated your last day in the singles ward with a cake and candles . . .way too cute! The days are going to fly! I was really sad actually to give up my last name . . . so I kept it (carrillo-davis) now I don't mind going by davis though.

It'll be great to have a fresh start!

Leah said...

You guys are so cute I am so excited for you! Kirstie is right I STILL haven't changed all my credit cards over to Ferguson and my car loan is in my maiden name! But I have to tell you the first time my heart dropped is when we stayed at the Grand America and I called for room service and they called me "Mrs Ferguson"!!