Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Eat Cake, Just Because We Can!

Just a quick little side note:
On Sunday Jonathan and I baked a cake, in honor of our "graduation" from our singles ward. I told him we have a reason to celebrate, so why not bake a cake...right? It was a yellow cake, with chocolate frosting. We even put sprinkles and candles on it! We sung the happy graduation song, blew out the candles and then had a piece of our yummy cake. We even added in a little "frosting fight" Let me tell you; a little frosting fun makes for some very sweet kisses and hugs ;-) So much Fun!!!

You want to know one more reason why I love my man? Jonathan will take my crazy fun ideas and run with them, with me. We have so many good times and laughs together. It's a great LIFE!! I love my Baby-J!!!!


Kai and Amy said...

Is that your farewell singles ward cake???

I just had to type in "butgun" for the security word:)

Leah said...

What a fun idea! I wasn't in the singles ward long enough to do that but I wish I could of! I love to celebrate fun things like that!

And isn't it wonderful to find the person you love up to do ANYTHING for you? =]

Kai and Amy said...

Now I can read the whole story - way cute - did you solve your blogging problem yet??

We are driving out wed afternoon . . . so excited!

The Waites said...

Dryw and I cant express how happy and excited we are for you both!!! we love you both so much and cant wait to see you on Saturday at your reception!!! Being married for Time and All Eternity is the greatest thing ever!!! You will be so blessed...trust us!!! You will have to invite us over for dinner so we can see your new place and your invitation to our place is always open!! We love you guys!!!!

Jim said...

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