Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bridal Shower #2

On Saturday May 2, I had another Bridal Shower at Sister Flossie Redford's Home. She knows Grandma well. She has given 2 of my Aunts their bridal showers; so she wanted to give me one as well. Flossie and her husband are SO SWEET and KIND! Their yard is BEAUTIFUL TOO! You can tell she LOVES TO GARDEN. Her backyard is like PERFECT!

For this shower, a lot of Grandma Ostler's friends came to show their love and support to Jonathan and myself. I have learned that a lot of the people invited to every wedding, are friends of the bride and groom's parents. They are all so happy for us!

Even though these are some of the worst pictures of me, they are all I had from this shower. You can't really tell, but it was a great little salad bar luncheon. we got some wonderful gifts too! Thanks to everyone for their kindness & generosity! It means a lot to me and Jonathan.
Sisters: Gail Bley, Barbra Kline, and Francine Capuro.

Sisters: AnneMarrie Effert, Emalina Holmes, & Darla Ferguson
Sisters: Beverly Herron, Catherine Harrison, Beverly Arthur, & Lu McGreahm

Our shower gifts!

Me and all our Gifts!!
Sisters: Beverly Herron & Beverly Arthur
Sisters: JoAnn Petersen, Rose Walton, & Evelyn Cosby
Sisters: Evelyn Cosby & Marianne Sharp

Sisters: JoAnn Petersen, Rose Walton, Evelyn Cosby, Marianne Sharp & Kay Salo

Thanks to Aunt Jill for helping me open the gifts and thanks to Annette for writing the gift list! Grandma Ostler wants me to say that she was behind the scenes taking some pictures.


Leah said...

How exciting! I never had Bridal Showers because we eloped but I know you had a blast and it looks like you got some great stuff! What are you kidding you look great!! And so does Aunt Darla and Aunt Jill!!

That Paula Dean Cooking Set looks awesome!

Kai and Amy said...

So much fun!!!! It was fun to see pictures of my mom in there too!
You guys are getting such great stuff!!!!!!