Friday, April 24, 2009

Candice Has Some Married People Questions ??

So With Twenty-Two Day to go, here is our list of things to do today:
*Burn music CD for our reception
*Call gas and electric company to put the utilities in our name
*Find out about renting a Tux for Jonathan and his dad
*Get in touch with Chris (Jon's best friend) to see how he is getting down here for our reception

I am about to become a married woman very very soon. With that said, I wanted to ask all of our readers 3 questions. Comment and answer honestly and truthfully please!

1. What is/was the best part about your first few years of marriage?
2. What is/was the most difficult part about your first few years of married life?
3. What is the one thing that you do that you feel, has helped your marriage be successful and happy?

We love you all. Thanks for your comments!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can It Be True???

The Daily Countdown Begins.....There Are ONLY TWENTY-THREE Days Until Jonathan and I Are Sealed!!! It's Close I Can Taste It! Being Able To Meet Jonathan In The Celestial Room, is A Dream Come True!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bridal Shower #1

Once again, I have had a hard time finding the time and motivation to stay up on our blog.

Part of the reason for this is, we have been trying to make sure things are all in order for our sealing; settings up temple recommend interviews and things of that sort. We have also been going back and forth talking with our apartment manager; making sure all the paper work is in order for us to move in. YES, WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!

Our new apartment is in Norwalk CA. The complex is called Capistrano Gardens. The management changed in early April and they have done a ton of renovating. The management person LOVES us. She has been so willing to help with any accommodations we need. This place has a pool and a workout room, but the best part is that Jonathan can ride his bike to work! We know that it will be tough, but we are both so EXCITED to have our own place!

Now going on, I had Wonderful bridal shower! Here are some pictures to show off what great gifts I RECEIVED for our new place. I appreciate all the love and support I got from my loving family and awesome friends!
Sweet Kiera Came to my "Wedding Party" She is so cute. I love her!
Grandma & Cousin: Tiffany
Cousins: Kirstie, Julie Katie & Aunt: Carolyn.

Aunt: Jill, ME, & My Grammy

Cousins: Kellie & Kirstie

ME & my future Mother in-law Annette

Sister Burrup, Sister Littie, & Sister Chitwood

Cousin: Amy Friends: Whitney, Tiffany & Jen

Aunt: Jill & Sister Shaw

Little Malachi (Bubby) Davis Mommy's little boy!

Kellie & Carolyn

Carolyn, Julie, Katie, Kellie, & Wendy

Special thanks to all those who made my Bridal sower so FUN. I know A LOT of work went into making it a memorable day for me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

License To Wed!

On Tuesday April 7, 2009, Jonathan and I drove to Norwalk. When we arrived there, we visited the Los Angeles County Register-Recorder/County Clerk office. As you can probably guess, we were there in hopes of obtaining our Marriage License. We have to do what needs to be done, to make our union legal in the eyes of the state. I kind of dislike paperwork and sitting in lines and such, but it needed to be done. Besides I’ll do whatever it takes to become the wife of Jonathan Curtis Robbins; legally and in the sight of God. I love him so much. Forever and always!

Anyway, when we got to the building, we stood in a line to get inside the place. After that, we went online to fill out a marriage license application. That part went fairly quickly. Then we waited in a line to pay for the license we had just applied for. Waiting…waiting... waiting! We got to the front of that line, and we gave the lady $70.00. She handed us a receipt to show that we had paid our dues. After that, we stood in…you guessed it, another line! This time it was to pick up our Marriage License. Again, we waited…waited…and waited some more! Lo and behold, we FINALLY got to the pickup window! We checked over the paper work, gave our signatures, and grabbed our long awaited MARRIAGE LICENCE!! Jonathan and I left with our wallets $70.00 lighter, but we were VERY HAPPY!

We are excited to have our license. It feels good to be one step closer to having our relationship be both eternally and legally binding! It feels so much more real, when it’s down on paper!! :-)
The day I thought might never come, Is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I know I am a Bad Bloger, But Can You Really Blame Me?

I apologize to our blogger fans for being such a bad blog updater! We have been going non-stop, with the wedding being a month away and all. I have been so focused on meeting all my deadlines and calendar dates; that my blog has had to be put on pause over these past few weeks. When I have had a moment to think about blogging, RESTING always won out over typing a blog entry. I hope you all can understand. :)

Anyways I figure that the best way to bring you all up to speed on our life is to make a list of all the major March events. So here it is:

*On March 6th Jonathan and I went to support Cousin Ryan who had a part in his High School production of “Beauty and the Beast.” We went with Grandma, Scott, and Jill. Ryan was a member of the ensemble. You could tell that all the kids in this play, put a lot of time and effort into this wonderful production! Let’s just say, it far exceeded my expectations for a High School play. We enjoyed it so much, that we went to see it twice! It was even better the second time around. Everyone loved it! WAY TO GO RYAN!
*The 12th of March was my Father’s birthday. His birthday lands exactly one month before I came along.

*On the 15th Jonathan and I gave our “farewell to the single life” and spoke for the last time in our ward. We are the first of several couples to be leaving the singles ward this year. The Mar Vista ward has been good to us, but we are very happy to be GRADUATING! It was also Annette’s (Jonathan’s mom) birthday on the 15th as well. It was nice to spend time with her, and let her know how much she means to the both of us. WE LOVE YOU ANNETTE!
*March 17, Saint Patrick’s Day A.K.A. my Bug’s birthday, was very nice. I got him two gifts I know he really wanted and needed. Then I took him out to an Indian food restaurant for dinner. Yummy, Good! Afterward, we had cake an ice cream with his family. It was a very pleasant day all around.

*on the 21st of March, Craig, Jenny, Jonathan, and I took a trip to universal studios. I had never been before. It was lots of fun. I can’t wait to go back. The four of us have a blast together! :)

*On the 23, Grandma and Aunt Wendy took me to my second wedding dress fitting. It is exciting t o know that my dress is almost ready to bring home! Special thanks to Wendy for all her help!

March 30th was Phillip’s (Jonathan’s dad) birthday. Jonathan’s parents also have their anniversary on the same day as his dad’s birthday. We lovingly refer to this day as his dad’s Birth-aversary. An interesting side note that was pointed out to me is that, Jonathan is almost exactly 30 years younger than both of his parents.

*I spent the rest of March and the beginning of this month, getting the wedding invitations ready to be mailed out. A wedding is a lot of hard work! It’s also been a TON OF FUN! Thanks a bunch to all who have been a part of the planning thus far. Jon and I both appreciate it very much. Get ready everyone, it’s almost here!

Well folks this ends my month of March Madness. Log-in next time to read about my first Bridal shower given by Amy Davis. This should be great! :-D Until next time America!