Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our January Wrap-up!

WOW… this month HAS FLOWN BY! We have been so busy with wedding planning and everyday life. I feel like I have barely had time to breathe; let alone keep our blogger fans updated with the daily happenings of our hectic, crazy, and sometimes stressful, yet wonderful life together! :-) I am going to do my best to give you all a cohesive “wrap up” of what we have been doing over this past month.
On January 7, 2009 Jonathan and I celebrated our first year together as a couple. He gave me some beautiful flowers and we went to the Elephant bar restaurant for dinner that night. It was really good. We loved it! We have both been through quite a bit of changes, exciting times, and some ups and downs, in the past year. Overall this past year together, has been indescribably joyous and life altering! I am so overjoyed with my life and Jonathan right now. I WOULD NOT GIVE UP this past year of my life with him, for all the riches and worldly possessions in the entire universe!!...I mean every word of this statement, from the depths of my soul!

From the 12th through 16th Grandma and I had some somewhat unexpected guests come to visit and stay with us. At about 2 a.m. in the morning we received a call from Drew saying, that he, Malory, and her 3 year old son Skyler, needed a place to crash for the night. The story goes: that the long time friends that they were suppose to stay with while visiting California, live with some roommates that were not very unstinting of their situation. Apparently the roommates couldn’t handle having a very rambunctious and shall we say, “Lively” little boy stay in the house with them. So of course, what is a Grandmother to do? We all know that she would never turn a couple with a 3 year old away; especially in the wee hours of the morning! I think my brother had it planned all along. It was only suppose to be for that night, but they ended up staying with us that whole week. SNEEKY BOY, That’s how her works! The visit was stressful on both Grams and me, for many reason, plus little Sky guy has boundless energy! It is hard to know what hit you with that kid around; but he is cute anyway.
On the Tuesday that Drew was here, Marina, Jonathan and I, had decided the week prior, to meet up at Heritage Park; and let Teague and Cory play on the awesome equipment they have there. Since Drew was now here, he, Malory, and Skyler decided to come as well. I think we all had a good time. As you can see from the pictures, even the “big boys” couldn’t resist getting in on some of the playful action!! Drew and Malory also got the chance to take Skyler to the beach and to Disneyland, while they were visiting. It looks to me like they had lots of fun here! Drew recounts that they went on a few rides, but then Sky- Guy got scared on one of the rides. He would not go on anymore after that. Drew said, they had a nice time overall. Having Drew and Malory stay with us, was actually surprisingly pleasant. (For the most part) it was good for Drew to catch up with our family. He didn’t even know that his own sister was engaged, let alone that cousin Kirsten is now married and that Grandma has some new great-grand kids on the way. He was very surprised!
Our visitors left at 7:00 a.m. on Friday morning. I had an appointment at 10:30 a.m. with Donna Anderson from A Dressy Occasion; to try on some wedding dresses. Aunt Wendy was kind enough to drive us out there and to help me try on some dresses. I tried on about four or five very nice dresses, and then I found THE ONE! I put it on, I looked at myself, and I just knew. This was the one! THIS WAS IT! This dress is GORGEOUS! PERFECT FOR MY FAIRYTALE WEDDING DAY!! I love the dress I chose. Sister Anderson was so helpful. I got my dress, my shoes, and all of my accessories all in one shot! SCORE!

On Sunday, January 18th, we had a meeting with our caterer/decorator Shelly Bigggs. She was very helpful as well. It is going to look beautiful at our reception and there is going to be yummy food too! Jonathan and I also found someone to make our wedding cake for us. My soon to be sister in-law Jenny Robbins, is going to be doing it for us. It is going to be a castle cake; it’s awesome! Thank you, Jenny! We love you!! Jon and I have also booked the building for the reception, gathered things for our table center pieces, bought our cake topper, made guest lists, made arrangements to have our engagement pictures taken. And so much more! There is so much yet to be done. I know that no one in our families would nver let us down. We know that no matter how stressful it may become, everything will turn out wonderfully!

AS far as a place to live goes, we are trying to find an affordable place that is somewhat close to home, close to Jonathan’s work, and school, and on the ground floor for obvious reasons. We have a limited budget and somewhat of a strict housing criteria. (Do to my needs) Therefore, the daily apartment search continues. Both Jonathan and I are hopeful that we will find something in time :-}
As you‘ve read, you can tell we have been crazy busy! I have not yet mentioned that my sweetheart starts E.M.T. school on February 3rd; so that will add yet one more duty to his already packed schedule. It will be a little rough, but I have no doubt that he can make it through! I will be here, to do whatever I can to try to help relieve any daily stresses he may encounter. I will be here to give him support and do anything from give an encouraging word, to giving foot rubs when needed. After all, Jonathan is working his butt off just so that we can have a better life together. Showing him some comfort and compassion is the least I can do, to let him know that I understand how hard he is working and I really appreciate everything he is doing for us.
The last thing I can remember that Jonny and I have done this month; we have been out to visit Marina, Kate, (Her mother) Teague and little Cory twice. It is important to both my bug and I, to be there for both of the little boys throughout their lives. We know it is very important to be a support and a great influence to Marina, Teague and Corin. We have chosen to make an effort to see them as much as we can. Plus we just love spending time with that part of our family; it makes us both feel so GOOD inside. Seeing the way that Jonathan interacts with our nephews, makes me sure that he is well on his way to becoming Uncle of the year in their eyes.

The first time we came out to their house, my little Tigger-boy was so proud to announce that he now wares “big boy” underwear! That is very BIG NEWS! Come on people, you KNOW that you’re excited for him too!! LOL.
Anyway, all I have to say to end this January wrap-up is, all is well. Wedding READY OR NOT HERE YOU COME! :-D