Friday, August 8, 2008

My Weekend with Vampires and a pack of Wolves

This weekend Jonathan has gone up to his home town of Phelan California, to visit his best friend Chris Gorge. Everyone needs to spend time with good friends. He seemed as though really needed some guy time, and I was happy to give it to him. (trust me) Chris is going to be going into the core. Jonathan wanted to take the weekend to go be with him before he leaves. I'm guessing they are going to do, whatever it is that two guys (with girlfriends) do; like... um... maybe I don't really want to think about what it is that guys actually do, when they are with each other! (lol...Just kidding) All I know is that before he left, Grandma and I both told him to "play safe" and return to us quickly; which I trust that he will. While he is away, I am seriously hoping that for my sake, the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing will set in. Lets just say, the more relaxed, loving, and happy he is when he comes home, the better my day goes! Everybody knows, that the better the women's day goes, the better life is all around. all know it's true!
As I was contemplating what I could do to keep myself busy while Jon is gone, I was excited, because I think I will be able to finish "Breaking Dawn!" This is the 4th and final book in the "Twilight" saga, by Stephanie Myer. In my opinion, this book is good and just as exciting as all the rest! I hope to finish it this weekend, but poor grandma starts to go blind if we read together to long; so I will have to wait and see how much we actually get read. In a way I can't wait to see how the saga ends, but I have really enjoyed being able to loose myself in a world of blood sucking, stone cold vampires, phasing, hot blooded wolves, and humans. What a great love story; mixed with action tragedy, and suspense! I've grown attached to Bella, Edward, Jake and all the rest! I haven't read this much since "Harry Potter! (which says a lot, because I am not much of a reader) When this is all over, how am I going to clear my mind? What fantasy world will I fall into next?? We will have to just wait and see. It has to be something really worth reading, to hold my attention. To the characters of the "Twilight" saga, I hope everything works out for the best. I bid you farewell!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dancing to freedom's song on two new feet!

As I reflect back on these past few years, and especially these past few months, I realize that I am living a whole new life! Not only has attending the singles ward open many doors and given me tons of opportunities, thanks to my wonderful friends and ward family; dating Jonathan Robbins has broken down the door of opportunity even further! Since dating him, the lightness and freedoms my spirit and body have felt are indescribable, and seem endless! We have gone, done, seen, and said so much! I have never been able to experience this kind of fullness of life, ever before! I see a whole new life laid before me, each and every day! In his eyes, I can see the future I NEVER thought I would get to experience in this life. Even though neither of us is perfect, I am convinced that we are both more than willing to work through the ups, downs, the highs and lows of life with one another. He loves me despite my faults and weaknesses, as I do him. I know Jonathan loves me with all of his heart. He also knows that some day I will be made whole. I know that I am precious in the sight of our Lord. I feel blessed to have found a man, who sees me with eyes near to those of my Father in Heaven. My bug knows that in the next life I will not be restricted We will be able to experience so much more together. I think he will be honored to be numbered in my company, as the man most dear to me! One of the things I love most about Jonathan is he knows, that a loving heart, a willing mind, and a love for our Savior Jesus Christ, are the things that matter most about a person. Everything else falls into place. I truly feel that with this man by my side, I am finally fee to live the life I have hoped for and deeply desire! Jonathan has freed me! With him, I can now DANCE to the songs of life with my (his) two new feet!!!! (I think that only my Mother and Grandma, will be able to truly understand how much that statement means to me) I love my BUG!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Double Dates and Tunnel Vision

Shortly After I received my endowment, I gave a talk in church about going to the temple. As I was speaking, I looked up and could see that a "new guy" that had started coming to the Mar Vista Ward; was staring at me and listing very intently to my words. Every time I looked up, I could feel his eyes on me! After the meeting, He came up to me (Long Hair, Big Beard and all) Shook my hand and thanked me for my beautiful Talk. I can remember he held my hand SO tight! He did not let go until I looked down at my hand. I can also remember this same guy from when I WAS waiting to go into the Bishop's office. A few of us were standing outside his door chatting. Then this guy starts taking about how full beards keep you warm and cosy and are very soft! He kept telling me to touch his face. I finally did, ....ewww! I hate Full Beards! a week or so later, my Friend Amy calls me and says "you have a date on Saturday, we are going to double up, because I don't want to go alone! Jon is bringing his cousin Skyler along for you" I didn't really want to go, but something told me to so I did. To make a very long story much shorter, Jonathan and I ended up being the ones who hit it off really well! We talked the whole night, and all of his attention was totally focused on me! hehehe! We had great conversation, but after going home that night thinking they both were lame because us girls had to pay for our food; the spirit prompted me to give Jonathan another chance. (I Had a hard time understanding why exactly) Which I did. We went out a few more times (alone) and had a blast! We became an item in January and have been together ever since. I truly feel, that because I had now stepped up, and was doing what was right, the Lord saw it fit to bless me with one of my greatest desires; to love and be truly loved in return.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Doing what is Right

Hi everyone, this is my first blog experience. I started one because a lot of my loved ones have been asking me, what has been going on in my life; and I have come to find that this is the best way to keep in touch with most of you. ....The truth is a lot of life changes have gone on recently. I have been attending the singles word for a few years now. Attending my singles ward has helped to give me a lot more self confidence. I am much more out going and have a lot of good friends! I RECEIVED my endowment in October of 2007. That is when I truly discovered that when we take all the step to do what is right, The Lord has promised us he will fulfill our most long awaited, deepest desires! Stay in touch to hear much, much, more!! I love you all!!