Friday, April 24, 2009

Candice Has Some Married People Questions ??

So With Twenty-Two Day to go, here is our list of things to do today:
*Burn music CD for our reception
*Call gas and electric company to put the utilities in our name
*Find out about renting a Tux for Jonathan and his dad
*Get in touch with Chris (Jon's best friend) to see how he is getting down here for our reception

I am about to become a married woman very very soon. With that said, I wanted to ask all of our readers 3 questions. Comment and answer honestly and truthfully please!

1. What is/was the best part about your first few years of marriage?
2. What is/was the most difficult part about your first few years of married life?
3. What is the one thing that you do that you feel, has helped your marriage be successful and happy?

We love you all. Thanks for your comments!


Heidi Ferguson said...

We just got your cute invite yesterday! So exciting that it's only like 3 weeks away!! I'm so sad we can't come though :(

1. Best part: Being with your best friend all the time! Not having to go home at night is great, but the best thing is really just that you get to be with your best friend for all eternity!
2. Most difficult part: Learning the give and take...that things can't always be the way you'd like them to be all the time.
3. What help us: Making sure that we spend a little time each day just talking to each other with no other distractions and always talking out our disagreements!

Congrats Candi in the next few weeks and we love you!!

Sunnie said...

Can't wait to see you at the wedding! I never claim to be an expert at anything, but you asked so here you go:

1- Best Part: getting to be together all the time, making couple friends, going out whenever you want, etc.
2- Difficult: our first year of marriage was pretty okay. Not a lot of struggles. I think one of the hardest things is making big decisions. Learning to understand answers to prayers and what is right for your family is a learning process.
3- Advice: accept each other for who you are. Don't have unrealistic expectations. Try to work together and talk about things.

Kai and Amy said...

All I can think to say is that your married relationship is like a garden. Flowers bloom and fruits and veggies grow beautifully when you work hard in your garden. The moment you stop trying weeds begin to grow. If Jonathan always thinks about your needs first and you always think about Jonathan's needs first, then both of your needs will always be taken care of. Their is no room for selfish behavior in a haapy marriage.
May your garden be full of beautiful blooms.

Scott and Christie said...

Good luck with everything you have to do! If he gets his tux at men's warehouse it has to be 2 weeks in advanced or maybe 3 just an FYI =)

1. Best part about being married: Waking up to the person you love and being with them all the time. Knowing that he holds the Priesthood and protects me and our family. Knowing that through faith we can get through anything together.
2. Difficult part: Seeing how each other really are 24/7 lol. Maybe something you are use to doing is not common sense to your partner.
3. What helped us: Knowing our responsibilities in the house. The #1 thing couples agrue over is household chores believe it or not. Also we would spend time together and also spend time with our friends. Lastly, we coucled with the lord. Read our scriptures and would always have open communication. Going to counseling is not a bad thing, its a healthy to want to always talk things out and be close to each other. The moment you do not feel close to that person you have to ask yourself why and make an effort to express that to each other and always work on your relationship =)

Good luck love!

Lauren said...

wow. only 2 more weeks! How fun.
1. best part: so many things...slumber parties everynight, establishing traditions, always having someone to kiss on new years eve and a valentine, and someone to love you no matter what.
2. difficult part: learning each others nuisances and embracing them. I pick my split ends and jeff has to sleep with a pillow under his feet.
3. helps us: on our anniversary we write each other a letter. it's our favorite time of year; we reflect on the previous year (things we've accomplished, trips, etc) and it's kindof our marriage journal too.