Sunday, May 23, 2010

Daddy's Update

Hello everyone, OK so this is Jonathan, or as my wife would call me (daddy) :-) we have been kind of fond with the words mommy and daddy since we got pregnant. We both know that our child will be calling us by those names and we started to incorporate them now so we can get use to hearing them, (mommy I'm hungry, daddy come play with me) you get the picture.
OK so Candice is now 3 weeks away from giving birth to our little one, the date is set, June 16Th will be the official c-section delivery date. Both me and Candice are happy to be parents and we are anxiously waiting the return of her body, and mobility when he comes OUT!!!!!
So i would like to thank all of our faithful readers for putting up with OUR (because we are married) complacency and laziness of not updating you sooner on things in our life and family.
I would also like to thank my sister-in-law Jessie for her willingness to keep all our readers informed on Candice's pregnancy progress, thanks Jessie you rock :-) I love you, and i love all of you. till next time, which will be sooner than later.

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's time to UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this post isn't actually written by Candice. It's Jessi, Candice's sister-in-law, and I decided to make an executive decision. The WORLD MUST KNOW what Candice has been doing. There's a perfectly good computer sitting here, and I am going to tell you all about Candice and Jonathan's life.

Well, the most significant change in their life since getting married in May is that Candice now loves cheese. She never did before and she was unable to understand why Jon loved cheese so much. (Seriously, he's obsessed...) But since she's been pregnant these last three months, cheese is suddenly her favorite thing.

Yeah, there's a little person growing inside of her. He must be a cheese-eater like his father. She keeps referring to him as "him" even though they don't know yet if he is actually a "she." They'll find out in two weeks.

It's not exactly her fault she hasn't been blogging-- being pregnant makes you sick and even before that tobacco smoke at her old apartment gave her lungs a bad time. Happily moving fixed the lung problem, although the little person will not be ready to come out for six more months or so!

Candice and I have been watching all sorts of pregnancy videos on Youtube. It's fun, but a little disturbing. She's not looking forward to having her organs all rearranged, the leg cramps, poor circulation, and the fact that she's going to have difficulty breathing. One video talked about women in the third trimester passing out from laying on their backs... She's not looking forward to that, in particular.

Life is good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Let's Eat Cake, Just Because We Can!

Just a quick little side note:
On Sunday Jonathan and I baked a cake, in honor of our "graduation" from our singles ward. I told him we have a reason to celebrate, so why not bake a cake...right? It was a yellow cake, with chocolate frosting. We even put sprinkles and candles on it! We sung the happy graduation song, blew out the candles and then had a piece of our yummy cake. We even added in a little "frosting fight" Let me tell you; a little frosting fun makes for some very sweet kisses and hugs ;-) So much Fun!!!

You want to know one more reason why I love my man? Jonathan will take my crazy fun ideas and run with them, with me. We have so many good times and laughs together. It's a great LIFE!! I love my Baby-J!!!!

Bridal Shower #2

On Saturday May 2, I had another Bridal Shower at Sister Flossie Redford's Home. She knows Grandma well. She has given 2 of my Aunts their bridal showers; so she wanted to give me one as well. Flossie and her husband are SO SWEET and KIND! Their yard is BEAUTIFUL TOO! You can tell she LOVES TO GARDEN. Her backyard is like PERFECT!

For this shower, a lot of Grandma Ostler's friends came to show their love and support to Jonathan and myself. I have learned that a lot of the people invited to every wedding, are friends of the bride and groom's parents. They are all so happy for us!

Even though these are some of the worst pictures of me, they are all I had from this shower. You can't really tell, but it was a great little salad bar luncheon. we got some wonderful gifts too! Thanks to everyone for their kindness & generosity! It means a lot to me and Jonathan.
Sisters: Gail Bley, Barbra Kline, and Francine Capuro.

Sisters: AnneMarrie Effert, Emalina Holmes, & Darla Ferguson
Sisters: Beverly Herron, Catherine Harrison, Beverly Arthur, & Lu McGreahm

Our shower gifts!

Me and all our Gifts!!
Sisters: Beverly Herron & Beverly Arthur
Sisters: JoAnn Petersen, Rose Walton, & Evelyn Cosby
Sisters: Evelyn Cosby & Marianne Sharp

Sisters: JoAnn Petersen, Rose Walton, Evelyn Cosby, Marianne Sharp & Kay Salo

Thanks to Aunt Jill for helping me open the gifts and thanks to Annette for writing the gift list! Grandma Ostler wants me to say that she was behind the scenes taking some pictures.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's In A Name?

Well Dancing Through Life Readers,

as you all well know, Jonathan and I have just under 2 weeks until we are going to be sealed as man and wife; for Time And All Eternity!!!! Yes, I said under 2 weeks. Threaten Days to be exact!!! Wow I can't even believe I just said that!

I am so looking forward to starting our new life together as ONE! I think that as a girl, getting married brings an extra perk because I get to start off this portion of my life as someone new! Having the chance to change my last name, is something I have looked forward to my whole life. It's almost like I have the ability to start my life all over with a clean slate. I hate Emotional baggage!

Just think, soon I will move to a new town with my Hubby; where not many people will know me as anyone other than Mrs. or Sister Robbins :-D Jonathan and I both have the opportunity to leave our past behind and start afresh as a married couple! How cool is that!?? I can't wait!!!!!

On May 11th, We will be moving our belongings into our newly renovated apartment. SO FUN. Today is our last day in the Mar Vista Singles Ward. Next week is MOTHERS day and we want to be with our Moms. The week after, we will be on our Honeymoon! By the way, Thanks to everyone for all the great advice! :) We will definitely try to implement it.

This is someone who is way more than ready to leave her "old life" behind. BAH BYE SINGLE LIFE!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Candice Has Some Married People Questions ??

So With Twenty-Two Day to go, here is our list of things to do today:
*Burn music CD for our reception
*Call gas and electric company to put the utilities in our name
*Find out about renting a Tux for Jonathan and his dad
*Get in touch with Chris (Jon's best friend) to see how he is getting down here for our reception

I am about to become a married woman very very soon. With that said, I wanted to ask all of our readers 3 questions. Comment and answer honestly and truthfully please!

1. What is/was the best part about your first few years of marriage?
2. What is/was the most difficult part about your first few years of married life?
3. What is the one thing that you do that you feel, has helped your marriage be successful and happy?

We love you all. Thanks for your comments!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can It Be True???

The Daily Countdown Begins.....There Are ONLY TWENTY-THREE Days Until Jonathan and I Are Sealed!!! It's Close I Can Taste It! Being Able To Meet Jonathan In The Celestial Room, is A Dream Come True!